Atopia Projects Past Projects
project #5.66 - Lifting, is a traveing exhibition and publication concerning artists who have used theft as a creative means within their work. The exhibition has traveled to Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, UK; Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Texas, USA; and Georgia Scherman Projects, Toronto Canada with other venues arranged. The accompanying 160 page publication can be purchased from the Atopia Projects shop. Further project details here
Hrafnkell Sigurðsson Limited Edition Photograph. An edition of 20 orginal photographs (signed and numbered) by the Icelandic artist Hrafnkell Sigurðsson. Released in conjunction with the publication Grey Hope: the Persistence of Melancholy in which Sigurðsson's work features. The edition can be purchased from the Atopia Projects shop. Further project details here
Project #5.99 - Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen: SHOTGUN WEDDING (released October, 2007). This publication explores the social, political and cultural background to Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Janssen’s video installation Shotgun Wedding, the work engages the various conflicts that run through the history of Scotland and Britain, by re-presenting visual material relevant to the Union of 1707.
Project #5.33 - BEAT STREULI BRUXELLES MIDI (released September 2006). This artist's book consists of a series of street portraits taken at Bruxelles Midi, the main train station in the city. A limited edition photograph was released in conjunction with the publication.

Project #4.99 - Atopia Journal: MANIFESTO: Osaka Posters (released August 2006). Set of eight posters released as a publication. Project realized in conjunction with Osaka Contemporary Art Center, as part of the third Osaka Arts Kaleidescope (2005). Publication content commissioned and generated in conjunction with eight Osaka-based Non Profit Organizations.

Project #4.66 - Grey Hope: The Persistence of Melancholy (released April 2006). Book exploring melancholy as an active aspect of the psyche and not an affliction requiring elevation. Guest editor Sigrid Sandström.

A limited edition photograph by Hrafnkell Sigurðsson was released in conjunction with this publication.
Project #4.33 - Atopia Journal: urg/üleistu (released April 2006). Publication realized in conjunction with students from Edinburgh College of Art, Brown University, and RISD. Students were collectively responsible for all aspects of the publication including thematic development, commissioning, and design.

Project #3.99 - GEEP (2004). An exhibition of selected work and new work by Critical Art Ensemble; Sabine Bitter, Jeff Derksen & Helmut Weber; John Giglio; Andrew Jones; Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) & Katarina Matiasek; Pia Ronicke; John Sparagana; and Tercerunquinto. Exhibition explored themes of hybridity, transmutation, and hijacked function.

Project #3.66 - Atopia Journal: Stone Pockets for we Barbarians (released August 2004). Set of five photocopied pages by selected artists (Betsy Coulter, Melanie Crader, Christy Thompson, Allison Wiese, and Lisa Young). Distributed as an unbound photocopied issue packaged in a printed envelope.

Project #3.33 - Atopia Journal: Relax and Conspire (released July 2004). Set of four photocopied pages by selected artists (Leah Beeferman, Avish Khebrehzadeh, Kelly Mark, and Trenton Doyle Hancock). Distributed as an unbound photocopied issue packaged in a printed envelope.

Project #2.99 - Atopia Journal: A jet engine on a Chevy Impala (released April 2004). Set of eight photocopied pages by students in a New Genre class at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (Andreas Abramoff, Katelin Crook, Louise Despont, Seth Erickson, Diana Fishman, Billy Gomberg, Brian Lee. and Taichi Yoneya). Distributed as an unbound photocopied issue packaged in a printed envelope. The project was initiated and realized in conjunction with Subtract Studio (Zurich) and the Department of Visual Art, Brown University. The students had two intensive work sessions in which to produce a project that related to the absurd, logical and/or idealistic impulses and outcomes of invention.

Project #2.66 - Inset (2004). An exhibition of commissioned and selected work by Alec Finlay, Jens Haaning, Kelly Mark, N55, Deborah Stratman and Jonathan Monk. Inset developed a forum for a variety of extended art practices that engage with existing frameworks and structures (institutional, social, cultural, etc). The exhibition presented several projects that were generated through public solicitation, often using publishing as a means of dissemination or distribution. Inset generated works that involved the audience, the city, the gallery, and the community.
Inset exhibition:
Blaffer Gallery, the Art Museum of the University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA (January 17–March 14 2004). (Gallery talks by Atopia, Alex Finlay, Kelly Mark, and N55; associated lectures and discussions at Rice University by Atopia, Kelly Mark, John Sparagana and Deborah Stratman.)
Inset publication:
Atopia Journal, Inset (released January 2004). The contents of this 'dispersed publication' are placed in different magazines and web-sites. The journal includes commissioned texts by Brett Davidson, Lars Bang Larsen, and Nana Last as well as text projects and interviews realized in conjunction with each artist.

Project #2.33 - The Art Atom (released October 2003). Book on the artwork of British Artist Charles Avery. Includes essays by Brian Dillon, Mathew Kneale, and Tom Morton.

Project #1.99 - Atopia Journal: What have you done for me lately? (released February 2003). Set of four photocopied pages by selected artists and writers (Margrét Blöndal, Brett Davidson, Adam Dant, and John Sparagana). Distributed as an unbound photocopied issue packaged in a printed envelope. This is the first issue of a series of publications that will follow this format. Each issue will include new work by artists and writers.

Project #1.66 - Alan Johnston, MFA,H Wall Drawing (March 2002). Commissioned wall drawing by Alan Johnston in the Mies Van der Rohe extension to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Realized in conjunction with the Core Curatorial Program, Glassell School, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. A publication was produced with an essay by Gavin Morrison.

Project #1.33 - Commissioned artwork by Scottish artist Scott Sherry. A site-specific photograph and text intervention within the Scottish fishing industry's trade magazine Fishing News (07 July 2000). In the newspaper context, the work existed between advertisement and poetic reverie.

Project #0.99 - Made Space (2000). A traveling/evolving exhibition of contemporary British drawing in which the work related to the description, construction, and/or affecting of physical and psychological space. Artists: Charles Avery, Claude Heath, Margarita Gluzberg, Alan Johnston, and Margaret Priest
Made Space exhibition:
Pekao Gallery, Toronto, Canada (April 07 - 28, 2000) (Artist lectures by Charles Avery and Alan Johnston; organized in conjunction with University of Guelph and Ontario College of Art and Design.)
Changing Room Gallery, Stirling, Scotland (Aug 12 - Sept 24, 2000) (Gallery talks by Margarita Gluzberg, Claude Heath and Margaret Priest; organized in conjunction with the Changing Room Gallery.)
Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland (Nov 11 - Dec 16, 2000) (Panel discussion featuring: Atopia, Margarita Gluzberg, Claude Heath, Alan Johnston, Margaret Priest, David Connearn, and Eelco Hooftman; organized in conjunction with Talbot Rice Gallery.)
Made Space publication
Atopia Journal, Made Space (released August 2000). Contents: curatorial essay by Atopia; Charles Avery interviewed by Simon Groom; Margarita Gluzberg interviewed by Milly Thompson; essay on Claude Heath by Chris Noraika; Alan Johnston interviewed by David Connearn; and Margaret Priest interviewed by Lee Rodney. Publication fully illustrated with images from exhibition as installed at Pekao Gallery, Toronto.
Project #0.66 - Atopia Journal, Place/Non-Place (released February, 2000). This issue focused on the expanded field of the place-less. Contents: an essay by Claire Bishop on the photography of Sarah Jones; Atopia interview with Christina Ritchie; Project Row Houses review by Betsy Coulter; philosophical musing by Tom Heatley; artist page by Scott Sherry; essay on the contradictions of governed space by Hamish Morrison; artist pages by Donald Urquhart; essay on Grizedale Sculpture Forest by Jenny Brownrigg; commissioned fictional passport stamps from Morning Star Press; artist pages by Charles Avery; poem by Jean Morisset; artist page by Duncan Ganley; Lee Rodney interview with Vanessa Beecroft; essay on border culture/politics by Susan Douglas; artist pages by Micah Lexier; and Atopia interview with Dalziel + Scullion.

Project #0.33 - Atopia Journal, Lines of Communication (pilot issue; released January, 1999). This issue explored the meetings and connections between diverse modes and media of understanding in visual art, poetry, and contemporary music. Contents: artist page by Louis Jacobs; poetry by Andrew Szatmari; Gavin Morrison essay on contemporary and experimental sound works and music; essay by Fraser Stables exploring the nature of the unfolding of space/time through experience; and other contributions.