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Atopia Journal 2.66 Inset
This dispersed publication is released in conjunction with the exhibition Inset (Blaffer Gallery, the Art Museum of the University of Houston, 17th January–14 March 2004). In sympathy with the extended practices of the artists, a divergent form of catalogue was created: each part of the publication (three commissioned essays, and interviews or text projects by each of the participating artists) is located in a different publication or web-site. This form allows new contextual readings of the texts and projects. The dispersed publication only theoretically exists as a unified issue through this on-line index. The index will be updated as the publication is realized.

Brett Davidson "American Dirt" printed in: Guest Room, June 2004 (www.guest-room.net)

Lars Bang Larsen "Do You Feel It? Art, work, utopia and the real" printed in: Artlies, Winter 2003-04 (www.artlies.org)

Alec Finlay interview printed in: Product, issue 08, The Film Issue, December 2003 –March 2004

Jens Haaning interview published online at: www.samplesize.ca (website no longer online, archived version here)

Nana Last "Systematic Inexhaustion" printed in: Art Journal, 64, winter 2005

Kelly Mark "Hiccup (audio instructions)" printed in: Atopia Journal, Issue 3.33: Relax and Conspire, July 2004 (www.atopiajournal.org)

Jonathan Monk "Something between A and B" TBA

N55 interview printed in: REAR, issue No.9, 2004 winter

Deborah Stratman interview published online at: www.glasstire.com

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