Atopia Journal 3.33 Relax and Conspire
Set of four photocopied pages by selected artists. Distributed as an unbound photocopied issue packaged in a printed envelope. The envelope serves to index and bind the pages. Individual pages can be viewed online or the issue can be purchased from Atopia Projects.

Leah Beeferman lives in New York City. Her work explores the aesthetics and logics of urban systems. Her drawings and installations suggest a relationship between seen, hidden, and imagined conectivity within the city.

Trenton Doyle Hancock lives and works in Houston, Texas. His work articulates a personalised mythology which includes the recurrent appearances of such characters as the superhero Torpedo Boy and the terminally threatened Mounds. The work is realised in a multitude of forms but often, as with No Band Practice ‘til That Room is Clean (2004) for Relax and Conspire, there is a relationship to popular culture and in particular comic book illustration. Doyle-Hancock is represented by James Cohan Gallery in New York and Dunn and Brown Contemporary in Dallas. He has had recent solo exhibitions at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami.

Avish Khebrehzadeh lives in Washington DC where she is represented by Conner Contemporary Art. In Rome, italy she is represented by Galleria S.A.L.E.S.. She was included in the 50th Venice Biennale at the Padiglione Venezia and won the Golden Lion for Best Young Italian Artist. The work in Relax and Conspire is a frame from the animation Distant Memory (2003) which was included in that exhibition. Her work often takes the form of animated quixotic narratives which suggest a wider mythic tradition.

Kelly Mark lives in Toronto, Canada. She is represented by Wynick Tuck Gallery and Tracey Lawrence Gallery. Her art rephrases everyday life through post-minimal and post-conceptual strategies and aesthetics. In Hiccup, Mark enacts the same mundane but orchestrated performance (following the prompts of pre-recorded audio instructions) over a series of days. Staged in public places, these unannounced performances place Mark’s synchronized routine against a changing background of everyday circumstances. The text inlcuded in Relax and Conspire is a transcript of the audio instructions for Hiccup.

Kelly Mark enacted a new performance of Hiccup for the Atopia Projects curated exhibition Inset. This transcript forms one part of the associated 'dispersed publication'.

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