Made Space

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TITLE: Made Space
ARTISTS: Charles Avery, Claude Heath, Margarita Gluzberg, Alan Johnston and Margaret Priest.
LOCATIONS: Pekao Gallery, Toronto, Canada (07 April - 28 April, 2000); Changing Room, Stirling, Scotland (12 Aug - 24 Sep, 2000); and Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh, Scotland (11 Nov - Dec 16, 200).

TITLE: Atopia Journal: Made Space
EDITORS: Atopia Projects
Gavin Morrison & Fraser Stables; David Connearn; Alan Johnston; Simon Groom; Charles Avery; Chris Noraika; Claude Heath; Lee Rodney; Margaret Priest; Milly Thompson; and Margarita Gluzberg.
Atopia Projects
Softcover, sadle stitched, 190x228mm
PAGES: 32 (grayscale imgaes throughout)
RELEASE DATE: August 2000

Made Space is a traveling and evolving drawing exhibition within which the work relates to the description, construction, and affecting of physical and psychological space. An associatated issue of Atopia Journal accompanied this exhibition. The exhibition consisted of work by Charles Avery, Claude Heath, Margarita Gluzberg, Alan Johnston, and Margaret Priest.

"Within an expanded discipline of drawing, the artists in Made Space directly engage with the built architectural environment and personal psychological construction. Our exploration of 'made space' as a concept engages with these areas and offers a provisional set of thoughts that are as relevant to drawing and space as they are to the material, conceptual and philosophical content of each artist's work." From the associated publication's curatorial essay. Publication comprises of interviews with all the artists and a curatorial essay.


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