Atopia Journal 3.66
Stone Pockets for we Barbarians
Set of five photocopied pages by selected artists. Distributed as an unbound photocopied issue packaged in a printed envelope. The envelope serves to index and bind the pages. Individual pages can be viewed online or the issue can be purchased from Atopia Projects.

Betsy Coulter lives in Northampton, Massachusetts. Coulter's work explores objects that are relegated to the sidelines of urban space: objects we abandon and overlook because they are broken, worn, or no longer useful. Through sculpture, photography and fiction writing she creates situations and experieces whereby objects become liminal markers, expressing states of freedom through annihilation. Recent exhibitions include Toggle Wand in collaboration with Christy Thompson at Mercer Union (Toronto), Found Wandering at Gallery 44 (Toronto) and Curb Appeal Swap at Psy-Geo Provflux (Providence, RI).

Melanie Crader is a native of Louisiana and currently resides in Houston, TX.
Through a variety of media, Crader explores fashion, gender, social class and identity as they relate to consumerism. The Strive for Less project specifically investigates the solicitation aspect of marketing and questions those things which are presented to the consumer as “necessity.” A web-based component of the project can be viewed at www.striveforless.com
Contact: sfl@striveforless.com

Christy Thompson is a visual artist living in Toronto. Exhibitions have included House Guests at The Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto), Toggle Wand in collaboration with Betsy Coulter at Mercer Union (Toronto) and Expect Delays at ARTSPEAK (Vancouver). She is currently working on a series of drawings  and will be exhibiting at Satchel Gallery, a roaming gallery endeavour in Toronto by Anitra Hamilton, for the month of August.  Thompson is a past Director of Programming at YYZ Artists' Outlet and currently is the Exhibition Coordinator at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.
Contact: cthompson@harbourfrontcentre.com

Allison Wiese is an interdisciplinary artist based in Houston, TX. Her sculptures, installations, sound works and architectural interventions celebrate improvisational authority, altering spaces through acts of labeling, christening or commemoration. She is a recent fellow of the MacDowell Colony and was a participant in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s Core Program from 2001 to 2003. She is currently developing site-specific projects for the sculpture garden of the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego and ArtPace in San Antonio, TX. Wiese learned to walk and talk in Brooklyn, Drive in Southern California and everything else important in Texas.
Contact: awiese@ucsd.edu

Lisa Young is based in Providence, Rhode Island. Young’s recent work uses forms of serial narrative, documentary practice, and the collaging of visual fragments. Using fortunes collected over a period of years, “You and I” explores the incomplete and transitory nature of being and desired states of being. Young’s recent exhibition venues include Artist’s Space and White Columns in New York (where her work can be viewed online in the curated artist registry). Her artist books and print editions are distributed through Printed Matter, Pierogi Flat Files and Pace Prints (New York) and Art Metropole, (Toronto, Canada).
Contact: LYPuffy@hotmail.com
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