MANIFESTO: Osaka Posters

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Price: $10 (set of eight posters)

PROJECT: #4.99
TITLE: Atopia Journal: MANIFESTO: Osaka Posters
EDITORS: Atopia Projects with
Beyond Innocence (BRIDGE)
Dance Box

FORMAT: 8 Double-sided posters (438x570mm), cover sheet (219x285mm), 4-panel folded within vinyl envelope.
LANGUAGES: English & Japanese
DESIGN: Grahame Lynch gelo graphic communication
RELEASE DATE: August 2006
ISSN: 1469-3291
Briony Anderson
Felicia Ballos
Takashi Ikegami
Hiroko Inoue
Mun Lee
Julia Martin
Martinius Miroto
Allison Orr
Yasuhiro Otani
Clay Rockefeller / The Steel Yard
Kyle Ross
Christof Steinmann (aka Softland)
Yasuzumi Tachibana
Egbertina Torenbos
Kanayo Ueda
Richard Wentworth
Allison Wiese

Produced in conjunction with the Osaka Contemporary Art Center (Osaka, Japan) as part of the initiative Osaka Arts Kaleidoscope (2005): a city-wide exhibition that involved eight Osaka-based non profit organizations (NPOs). The theme of Kaleidoscope, "Do Art Yourself," was intended to explore and propose ways in which the public can engage with arts-production, especially within daily life and social circumstances.

Atopia Projects collaborated with the eight NPOs (see list on left) to generate a series of eight posters that each explore the theme of "manifesto." Each poster serves as a "manifesto" for the associated NPO, while the posters collectively chart an expansive set of relationships between art, creativity, and socio-political concerns, action, and participation.

The set of posters are folded, packaged in resealable bags, and distributed within the Atopia Journal series.