Atopia Journal 2.99
Jet Engine on a Chevy Impala
Project #2.99 - Atopia Journal, A jet engine on a Chevy Impala (released April 2004). Set of eight photocopied pages by students in a New Genre class at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (Andreas Abramoff, Katelin Crook, Louise Despont, Seth Erickson, Diana Fishman, Billy Gomberg, Brian Lee and Taichi Yoneya). Distributed as an unbound photocopied issue packaged in a printed envelope. The project was initiated and realized in conjunction with Subtract Studio (Zurich) and the Department of Visual Art, Brown University. The students had two intensive work sessions in which to produce a project that related to the absurd, logical and/or idealistic impulses and outcomes of invention. Individual pages can be viewed online or the issue can be purchased from Atopia Projects.

Andrea Abramoff

Katelin Crook

Louise Despont

Seth Erickson

Diana Fishman
Billy Gomberg
Brian Lee
Taichi Yoneya
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